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About Me

Hi, I’m Shari, a busy mom of two little girls. First off I am not a master chef! I love baking but cooking is not one of my favorite things. My husband is actually currently a pastor but he was a cook in the army and worked in food services for some years. He’s the gourmet cook if we have one.

That’s why I only like to cook things that are easy and almost 100% bulletproof. I want meals that I know are going to turn out well. Now I want to share those types of easy recipes with other busy moms who are looking to get dinner on the table without any complicated recipes or kitchen mishaps.

And if it’s a recipe approved by my picky toddler that’s even better!

I’m also a budget savvy mama so I’m including the cost for the meal when possible. This cost is a rough estimate and it may cost a bit more or less depending on what you can get on sale and where you live. I live in southern california where costs tend to be a bit higher.

If you’ve got young kids too check out my sister websites and

If you need to get in touch you can reach me at [email protected]

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