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30 Instant Pot Soup Recipes {Deliciousness all month long}

There’s no denying that I love soups, especially when it’s cold. But what I don’t love about soups is how long they take to cook. With two little kids running around I just don’t have time to wait and watch the pot.

An Instant Pot has been a life saver for getting to have the soups I love without spending so much time in the kitchen. They usually cook in about half the time they would on the stove top.

Cook once and you can easily have leftovers for lunch or another night’s dinner. Most soups also freeze well if you want to stockpile for later. And since everything cooks in one pot there is very little cleanup. Win-win-win.

instant pot soup recipes

I quickly became an Instant Pot soup convert as soon as I got my pressure cooker, and got over the fear of using it! It’s actually the thing I make most in the Instant Pot because of the speed.

I’ve even finally convinced my grandmother and recently my husband about the gloriousness that are soups made in my Instant Pot. You’ll find the potato soup recipe that my grandmother loved at the top of the recipe list below.

Last week my husband wanted to make Chicken and Wild Rice soup. He’s old school so he googled and found a recipe from despite me telling me we should look on Pinterest.

The night came to make it, I pulled up the recipe he sent and informed him that if we did it this way it would take over 2 hours to cook…or I could look up an Instant Pot version.

Needless to say he quickly changed his tune and we made #17 on this list. It was absolutely delicious…except, don’t use oat flour. My husband is an “energy conservationist” (his term) and grabbed the oat flour to avoid moving things to get to the regular flour.

Our soups was still delicious but had a tan tinge to it and a weird texture when reheated. So be careful when subbing out ingredients in recipes.

Try out all 30 recipes and you’ll have meal ideas for an entire month. Enjoy!

Which one are you most excited to try? Let me know in the comments.

pressure cooker soup recipes

Best Pressure Cooker Soup Recipes

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.